Hello! I'm Jay Chow,

an ICAM graduate from UCSD, avid programmer, with skills in multimedia production, experience in data visualization on massive cultural data, and have a passion for entrepreneurship.


ICAM Graduate

I graduated UCSD with a BA degree in ICAM in 2012. My major allowed me to explore the relationship between modern technology and fine arts. During my studies I aquired skills in working with various types of creative coding platforms, such as:

  • Processing.org
  • Derivative TouchDesigner 077
  • Cycling 74' MAX/MSP
  • Pd(Pure Data)

Avid Programmer

I was introduced to coding in HTML during a summer camp at Taiwan National Chiao Tung University in elementary school. Ever since then, I have grown to appreciate the power of programming. For the past two year, I have been developing tools used by the Software Studies Initiative at Calit2 for the analysis and visulization of large image and video collection for the humanities.

  • Programming Language
    • JAVA
    • Python
    • C++
    • Objective C
  • Web
    • Apache
    • HTML/HTML5
    • CSS/CSS3
    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • PHP
      • Codeigniter
      • Symfony2
      • Magento
    • MySQL
    • Javascript
      • jQuery
      • node.js
      • require.js
      • backbone.js
      • underscore.js
      • d3.js
      • meteor.js
    • AJAX
  • Mobile
    • Android
    • iOS
    • PhoneGap

Multimedia Producer

I love getting my hands dirty with the latest audio and visual production hardware and software: Graphic design, motion graphics, filming, video editing, sound design, audio production, mixing and editing, and DJing.

  • Visual
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Fireworks
    • Premiere Pro
    • After Effects
    • Dreamweaver
    • Flash Builder
  • Audio
    • Ableton
    • Pro Tools
    • Logic
    • Reason
    • Traktor